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UPTOWN  CUSTOM  FRAMING - Bringing Seattle's Best Framing to Ohio

    My name is Caroline Witmer and I've been in love with picture framing since 1987.  I graduated from the University of Washington  in 1986, majoring in Fine Art & Art History. After graduating, I found employment at the local do it yourself frame shop and found out that I was pretty good at framing and design.  After a couple of years, I bought my own framing shop and it turned out to be the best thing I've ever done.  I married Wade Witmer in 2006, and after seeing his talent and enthusiasm for framing, we bought a second framing shop. Wanting to be closer to family, we sold the shops and moved to Ohio. My goal is to provide quality picture framing to the residents of Westerville and Columbus area. 
     Westerville from Seattle? Yes!! I love it here.  I am so fortunate to have found a great location and an even greater clientele.  I do not advertise.  I do not offer coupons. Why you ask?  Because my prices are usually lower than any of the other box stores.  I work with your budget, as well.  There truly is something for everyone here.  We have simple silver and black metal frames, all the way up to 5" wide,  hand carved, gilded frames from New York. 
     I have been told that I have a unique way of designing.  I take the time to show you all the options,and lay before you, before making the final decision.  I often times stack frames instead of using large matting.  I like to float artwork, instead of the traditional matting, this allows the art to be seen first.  After all, it is the most important thing in the frame! I love to frame anything to do with sports.  Jerseys, baseballs, bats, etc.  It's fun.  One minute, I'm framing a child's drawing, then a signed print, then a hockey stick.  All of equal value and importance to me.  I've never damaged a single piece that I was asked to frame.  That's a great record. I offer the best quality framing products available.  A long while ago, I  learned to hand wrap mats and liners, this allows for even more options.  I love's so much fun.  I love framing the final piece even more.  I have an eye for detail and am very exact in what I do.  
     Let's talk art restoration.  It takes years to learn how to restore an oil painting and nerves of steel to attempt it.  I  possess both. I've been restoring oil paintings for quite a long time.  Over the years, I've learned to value, clean and restore all types of oil paintings. I can restore paper artwork as well. I also love to touch up and fix old, ornate frames. No need to send your oil paintings to other cities.  Let me help restore your valuable art.....It's amazing what taking off years of dirt and varnish can do!! 
     So....come on in.  Meet my dog Finchley, he's the official greeter. People often come in just to hold the little four pounder.

                                                                   See you soon!
                                                                   Caroline                 &  Finchley 

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