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 My name is Caroline Witmer and I've been picture framing and restoring artwork since 1987.......Oh, my...time is flying!
   In 1986, I graduated from the University of Washington, which is located on the shores of Lake Washington, in Seattle. I started off wanting to focus on Sports Medicine, but my heart lead me to major in Fine Art & Art History. After graduating, I found employment at a local "do it yourself" frame shop and realized that I was really good at framing and restoration.  After a couple of years working for others, I bought my own frame shop and gallery (1993). It was a tiny shop when I purchased it and slowly turned it into a thriving business, employing many college students and artists. It turned out to be one of the best thing I've ever done. Years later, I married Wade Witmer (2006) , and after seeing his talent and enthusiasm for framing, we bought a second framing shop located just outside of Seattle (2009). 
    Wanting to be closer to family, we sold the shops and moved to Ohio (2012). My goal has always been to provide quality picture framing and art restoration services to Columbus and the greater Ohio area. I've now been here seven years and my business has certainly grown. I currently restore artworks from New York to Tennessee, and everywhere in between. For me, it's perhaps, the most rewarding thing in the world.  Cleaning and restoring an oil painting, making it look new, bringing it back to life is a joy.  I love cleaning off the years of grime, and the layers of yellowed varnish. Filling in the missing paint, repairing the rips, is challenging and rewarding! Wearing the respirator? Not so fun.
     When it comes to framing, I have been told that I have a unique way of designing.  I take the time to show you all your framing options.  Yes, everyone is different, but everyone likes great, quality framing and unique framing choices.  I often times stack frames instead of using large matting.  I like to float artwork, instead of the traditional matting, this allows the art to be seen first.  After all, it is the most important thing in the frame! 
     I love to frame anything to do with Sports  Jerseys, baseballs, bats, etc.  It's fun.  Musical instruments, Army uniforms, WWII medals, Flight suits.....you name it....I can frame it. One minute, I'm framing a child's drawing, then a signed print, then a hockey stick.  All of equal value and  great importance to me. I've framed a Rembrandt, yep....and a paper diner napkin. BOTH were of equal importance to me and my clients. Come in and I'll tell you the napkin story. No job is ever taken for granted. I steer clear of commercial work. I would go crazy if I had to do 300 projects that were all the same.  Here's something not many Framers can say....I've never damaged a single piece that I was asked to frame.  That's a great record!!  I also offer and use only the best quality framing products available.  If you're going to frame something, and spend your hard earned money with me, why should I let you let put cheap clear glass on your project?  It will only fade away. ANY light fades ANY thing.  So...I give you conservation, UV blocking glass, period.
      A long (long) while ago, I  learned to hand wrap mats and liners, this allows for even more options.  I love designing...it's so much fun.  I love framing the final piece even more.  I have an eye for detail and am very exact in what I do.  I know framing is expensive. I work with each individual budget. I've got a frame for every price point...and it ALWAYS turns out beautiful. 
 westervilleframer                                                                                       See you soon!
                                                    Caroline  Witmer                                                

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