UPTOWN  CUSTOM  FRAMING - Bringing Seattle's Best Framing to Ohio

Q. How much does it cost to frame something "this" big? 
A.   It depends on the size of the art and what frame you choose.  Matting and Glass are kind of like  the two sides when you order a steak.  It's the steak that's expensive....or not.  It depends on what you choose. Let me know what your budget is and we'll get it done for around that number. Honest. 

Q. Can you frame  -------------  ?  (You fill in the blank)
A.   If it doesn't move, I'll frame it.  Don't be embarrassed to bring in ..say...a Michigan Jersey or a Steelers signed photograph.  You'd be surprised how many phone calls I get regarding these tender issues. 

Q. Why is framing SO expensive?
A.  Good question. Back in 1989 the cost was reasonable to frame something....but then again, you had paper mats, clear glass, that Horrible Non-Glare glass, and a choice of Metal or Oak frames. Nowadays, there's so much more to choose from. Museum Glass (which is so awesome), Cotton Mats, Silk mats, Hand Gilded frames from Italy, and real Hardwood frames made in the USA. Also, there are small boutique workshops that design and sell their own handmade frames to frame shops like mine.   These are one of a kind, well made, top of the line frames.  Often these frames are 24K Leaf, Real Walnut carved with leaves, Steel Riveted frames and Frames made with aged authentic Barn Wood.....just to name a few. Clients want something unique and it takes a ton of choices to make that happen. Remember, it's a one time purchase. It will last a lifetime, if properly framed.  (Phew...that was a lot)!

Q. How much does it cost to clean my painting? (It didn't cost much and I don't want to spend a fortune).  
A.  OK..once again..it's not cheap.  It can cost anywhere from $250 - $3500.  If you want a painting cleaned, the yellowed varnish taken off, in painted where original paint is missing and then re varnishing, it's going to cost $75/hr.  It usually takes about 4-10 hours to do this.  If there are rips and flaking, that's going to be an extra $200+. Unless it's a tiny painting. Tiny paintings are rare and not expensive to work on.

Q. What do you use to clean the paintings?
A.  A good chef never reveals their recipe.

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